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Strategies to Boost Your Nail Salon Revenue

Owning a nail salon is just as hard as owning any other business especially when it comes to making sure that there is enough revenue that can help when it comes to the growth of the business. Here are tips in boosting the revenue of a nail salon.

Compare Prices

When choosing which salon to go to, people often take the price of the products and services into consideration. This is why some nail salons often do not have that many customers because of the price that they ask their customers to pay. It is important to make sure that the services provided are worth the price that the customers are paying and are also affordable to them.

Keep Current With Trends

Certain types of nail trends show up every now and then. At some point, nail art was a huge thing then came in the matte colored nail polishes and more. Making sure that the salon business can offer these services to the public can help increase the number of customers that will look for the services of the salon.

Treat Everyone Kindly

One of the things that customers rate when they go to a specific salon or any type of business, in general, is the way that the employees treat them. Oftentimes, the type of service and treatment that these employees show can determine whether or not a customer will come back to the same salon after some time which is why it is important to treat them kindly as guests.

Sell Products for Home Use

Some people cannot afford to always have professionals clean and paint their nails for them every now and then, which is why some prefer to do it themselves at the convenience of their own homes. Selling products like nail polishes, brushes, and the likes, can help these people who want to do the cleaning and painting themselves at their own houses without necessarily affecting the revenue of the company too much.

Hold Events

Events can be extremely fun and can be a way for customers and the employees of the business can interact with each other better. This can also help especially when it comes to building good relations with them that can help in encouraging them to come back to the salon more frequently and even possibly recommending it to other people that they know.

Set Up a Website or Page

Setting up a website can help certain individuals to easily find the information regarding the salon better especially those who come on the internet more frequently. Though most businesses cannot afford to set up their own site, it is also possible to create a page on social media which people can follow.

Create a Loyalty Program

Certain customers would turn up as regulars or loyal customers of a specific business if they like the products and services they offer. Setting up a loyalty program can help encourage more people to become regulars of the salon business in exchange for certain benefits and freebies which the salon can decide.

Request for A Demo

In case you plan to run a loyalty program for your nail salon, feel free to check out our products. Request for a FREE demo here and see what difference it can bring to your business.

How Custom Gift Cards Can Increase Your Restaurant Revenue

With the holiday season approaching, one of the best ways to increase your revenue is by availing custom gift cards for your restaurant. Not only will restaurant gift cards make a perfect holiday present, but these are also surefire ways to leverage your business. Just imagine how many people pass by your diner during this time of the year. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the merry-making season wherein the number of people who spend money on anything is surprisingly plenty?

What Are Custom Gift Cards?

Custom gift cards are known sources of incremental income, which also helps build brand identity. Nowadays, they come in cardboard, plastic, or electronic forms (think about apps), which are intended for one-time use. They come in specific monetary values and can be purchased in the same amount as or lower than the printed value. Hence, they are the quickest form of gifts no matter the occasion or time of the year.

Why Use Custom Gift Cards for Your Restaurant?

Do you know that restaurants actually make up 41% of the total gift card spending? This is according to Blackhawk Network. If you still aren’t convinced about restaurant gift cards being one of the best marketing strategies, we’ll let the figures speak for themselves. Gift card spending amounted to $150 billion last year. Out of this number, customers spent $40 billion on restaurant gift cards and the pattern of spending has been increasing year after year. Mind you, we’re talking about billions of dollars here. Additionally, they found out that an average American spends around $150 on diner gift card. So, don’t you just think it’s time to get your share of the bigger pie?

Now, if you are still half-hearted about spending some of your marketing budgets on custom gift cards for your restaurant, here are some more reasons for you to consider:

1. Source of cash flow

Gift cards allow you as a merchant to improve your cash flow. This is because you are able to sell something that actually didn’t get you to spend even a cent on (except of course the printing or app development fee). Plus, you are able to use the money even before the gift card value is redeemed. It may even take days, weeks, months, or even a year for the customers to actually use the gift card.

2. Advantage from spillage

Spillage pertains to the dollar amount of the gift cards sold but wasn’t actually used. Statistics discovered that spillage can be as high as 30% and isn’t it just interesting? You can even check your drawer for the gift cards you own but didn’t actually use until their expiration. Now, what does this mean? Well, there are other people like you who purchase or receive gift cards but don’t use them. Simply put, this means more money for your business.

3. Increased visit frequency

The visit frequency of the gift card purchaser or recipient can dramatically increase when the marketing platform is done right. This especially applies to recipients who will visit your restaurant for the first time. Gift cards give you the chance to showcase what you have in your diner, and once satisfied, customers will surely come back for more.

4. Overspending customers

Surprisingly, gift cards are viewed as “free money” especially when given to somebody as a gift. Because of this, holders tend to spend way beyond the dollar value of the gift cards. In fact, they can even spend 72% more than the value of the gift card in full-service restaurants. This means that a holder of a $50 gift card will spend an extra $86 on his visit.

Where to Order Custom Gift Cards

After realizing all the advantages of having gift cards for your restaurant, you probably are wondering where to order one. The great thing is that custom gift cards are also part of the wide-array of our products and services. So, get in touch with us today and let us discuss your gift card requirements for your restaurant.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Responsive Web Design

Whether you are running a business or you are simply keeping a blog, it is recommended that you choose a responsive web design. Your web visitors will certainly enjoy their browsing experience and feel comfortable sieving through your site.

A responsive web design is defined as a web design approach that targets optimal viewing experience, giving readers ease of use and navigation across all devices like laptop monitors, smart phones, tablets, and more. So, if you have been using an older web design, it’s time you consider switching to a responsive one especially since most Internet users prefer mobile browsing nowadays.

If you are still having second thoughts about doing the needed leap, here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose a responsive web design:

1. Your traditional website may be the reason why you’re losing customers

You cannot assume that majority of your customers are using desktop or computer monitors. In fact, chances are a huge percentage of them is using smart phones. By not having a responsive website, you are depriving them of the kind of user experience they deserve because videos do not load fast on smart phones. This means they cannot fully watch your video promotions, which may lead them to just search for your competitor’s responsive site.

2. You get consistent SEO results

Google’s algorithms change from time to time and using similar content for both the desktop and mobile versions of your website can be read as duplicate content. This can punish your website and hurt your SEO ranking.


3. You can conveniently track your results

With a responsive website, you only need a single analytics tool to gather user behavior across platforms and generate one report. This way, you can take prompt steps to improve your marketing efforts.

4. It is more cost-effective

Keeping two versions of your website for desktop and mobile devices can be costly. You can use this extra cost to run advertisements, which can get you more customers.

5. You can provide better user experience and promote shopping through your website

As a smart business owner, you should put your customers on top of your priorities. When your website is responsive, they get to feel the ease of browsing your content and can even attract them to purchase right away from your online store.

These are 5 of the many reasons why it is necessary for any website owners to make the switch to a responsive web design in order for them to achieve the success that they expect.